About "In Our Time" (1925)

About "In Our Time" (1925)

In 1925, several vignettes from the 1924 edition of "in our time" were combined with newly written short stories. The resulting work was published in New York by Charles Scribner's and Sons.

In Our Time (1925) includes multiple vignettes along with the following short stories:

  • Indian Camp
  • The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife
  • The End of Something
  • The Three Day Blow
  • The Battler
  • A Very Short Story
  • Soldier's Home
  • The Revolutionist
  • Mr. and Mrs. Elliot
  • Cat In the Rain
  • Out of Season
  • Cross Country Snow
  • My Old Man
  • Big Two-Hearted River - Part I
  • Big Two-Hearted River - Part II

"The two boats started off in the dark. Nick heard the oar-locks of the other boat quite a way ahead of them in the mist. The Indians rowed with quick choppy strokes. Nick lay back with his father’s arm around him. It was cold on the water. The Indian who was rowing them was working very hard, but the other boat moved further ahead in the mist all the time.
“Where are we going, Dad?” Nick asked.
“Over to the Indian camp. There is an Indian lady very sick.”
“Oh,” said Nick."              

- Indian Camp, In Our Time (1925)

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I am tempted to go find the story and finish it. But I guess I can wait patiently.


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