About "Three Stories & Ten Poems" (1923)

About "Three Stories & Ten Poems" (1923)

In 1922, Ernest and Hadley Hemingway moved across the Atlantic to Paris, France. The next three years saw him enter into a creative burst of writing. In Paris he mixed company with such writers and lovers of literature as Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, James Joyce, Ford Madox Ford, Sylvia Beach and others. It was the place to be for an aspiring young writer. 

Hemingway's first two published works were printed in small batches of only a few hundred and distributed in Paris. In these short stories, poems and vignettes we see Hemingway begin to craft his writing and develop the straightforward style for which he became known. 

Three of his early short stories and ten poems were first published in Paris in 1923.

These three stories were included:

  • Up In Michigan
  • Out of Season
  • My Old Man

"Jim stirred and curled a little tighter. Liz took off her coat and leaned over and covered him with it. She tucked it around him neatly and carefully. Then she walked across the dock and up the steep sandy road to go to bed. A cold mist was coming up through the woods from the bay."                      

- Up In Michigan (1923)


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I cannot wait to read this, thank you for educating me on the origin.


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