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In Our Time (1925) Full-Leather Lettered Edition

In Our Time (1925) Full-Leather Lettered Edition

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Shipping September 2024

Limited to 26 copies and sold with rights to future Copperhead Press editions.

** Only 11 Copies Remaining 

Ernest Hemingway's First Published Collection of Short Stories

In Our Time (1925) includes multiple vignettes along with the following short stories:

  • Indian Camp
  • The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife
  • The End of Something
  • The Three Day Blow
  • The Battler
  • A Very Short Story
  • Soldier's Home
  • The Revolutionist
  • Mr. and Mrs. Elliot
  • Cat In the Rain
  • Out of Season
  • Cross Country Snow
  • My Old Man
  • Big Two-Hearted River - Part I
  • Big Two-Hearted River - Part II

In the following work, we are given a glimpse into the mind of a young Hemingway: an Illinois native, outdoorsman, war correspondent, bullfighter aficionado, new husband and father, and an aspiring writer. Here he takes his first steps toward becoming the towering figure of literature we know today.  

This Edition

Measurement: 8 7/8" x 5 7/8"

Full bound with Golden Yellow Sheep Skin Leather. The cover is designed with the signature of the author. The book title is blind embossed on Bright Cherry Red sheep skin leather. False bands have been added to the spine. When opened the book will lay flat with an "eye" along the spine. The Copperhead Press logo is blind embossed at the bottom of the spine.

Each of these copies will be hand sewn with red book thread. The end pages are handmade paste papers, each one unique and sewn to the text block, making an extra strong binding. 

The headbands are each hand sewn with satin thread, adding hours to the production and adding another feature that makes each copy unique.  

Inside you will find 10 period accurate photographs that match the short story or vignette. Each will be tipped in. 

The clamshell case is made with a thick book board and is covered in Mohair Japanese Book cloth. Inside is dark red suede cloth and an interior spine piece covered in paste paper matching the end pages. The outside of the clamshell features a copper foil signature of Ernest Hemingway. On the reverse side is the Copperhead Press logo also in copper foil. The clamshell spine tag is blind embossed on Bright Cherry Red sheep skin leather. The clamshell measures 9 3/4" x 6 3/4".

Companion Books

Included with this edition are the two companion books, which will be lettered along with the corresponding letter (A-Z).

  • "Three Stories & Ten Poems" (1923) Paste Paper Wrapper
  • "in our time" (1924) Paste Paper Wrapper 

Sold with rights to future lettered editions.

As an idea of what future titles may be, some of our favorite writers are: John Steinbeck, Herman Melville, James Joyce, Leo Tolstoy, Graham Greene, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, William Faulkner, Anton Chekhov, George Eliot, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Joseph Conrad, etc... We like many modernist writers and the classics that influenced them. You can also count on more Hemingway. 

Printing & Paper

As the photos in this edition will all be tipped in, we decided to go with a high-end digital four color printing. With the printing being only black text, with red page numbers and headers, it was very comparable to digital offset printing. We still hope to make the jump to letterpress someday. But with this being our first project we don’t want to overextend with turnaround or pricing.

We want to be completely transparent with each step of making these books. But I will say I wouldn't personally put this much time and effort into binding a poorly printed text block. We feel this is a quality and cost-effective choice for our first project. I've added pictures below to show the high printing quality on felt white paper. 

Photographs in this Edition

Ten photograph will be tipped in with their corresponding vignette or short story. 

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