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Copperhead Press

Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Lady Susan by Jane Austen

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Shipping January 2025

Limited to 100 copies

Jane Austen's Earliest Novella

For over 200 years, Jane Austen has gained and held a lasting readership. Her writing is loved for its unmatched wit, beloved characters and social commentary.

But where did the one and only Jane begin? Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion: Austen's readers each have their favorite. But before any of these novels' characters were brought to life, there was Lady Susan Vernon. 

Lady Susan Vernon has been described as wicked and gleeful, even as a femme fatale. However you choose to describe her, she is certainly unique among Austen’s cast. She is charming, intelligent and focused completely on her own advancement. 

Save for its conclusion, this novella is written completely as a series of letters. Through Austen's skilled pen, the reader follows the half-truths and true intentions of each character as they write one thing to respectable members of their circle but something quite different to their close companions. 

As our second publication, Copperhead Press is pleased to present Lady Susan by Jane Austen.

This Edition

Features of the Book:

  • Foreword by Copperhead Press
  • Half-bound with Premium Redwood Leather
  • Covers Wrapped in Golden Brocade Japanese Book Cloth
  • White Felt Paper Spine Label
  • Lilac Bugra End Pages - This high-quality mould made paper is made in the Hahnemuhle Mill in Germany.
  • Headbands made from Marbled Paper
  • Powder Pink Satin Ribbon Marker
  • Hand-Sewn with Dark Coffee Book Thread
  • Bio of the Artist by Copperhead Press
  • Limitation Page, Signed by Chaz & Katie Ross.

Features of the Slipcase:

  • Handmade with High Density Book Board
  • Wrapped in Bisque Book Cloth
  • Watercolor Inset by Caroline Maria Applebee
  • Measures 7 5/8" x 5 5/8"

Inside you will find 3 additional watercolor pieces by Caroline Maria Applebee.

Printing & Paper

  • High-End Offset Four-Color Printing
  • White Felt Paper
  • Chapters and Page Numbers Printed in Wine Red Font.  

Sold with Rights

This is the first release in a new collection of Short Stories or Novellas. Each title in this collection will measure 7 5/8' x 5 5/8'. Each will also be limited to 100 copies. Future Short Stories or Novellas include titles by D. H. Lawrence, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Stephen Crane and others. 

A purchase of this book will give you first rights to purchase the matching number copy of the next release in our Short Story or Novella Collection. You would become a "Short Story Rights-Holder".

If you have rights from purchasing a Lettered or Numbered copy of Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time, you do not need to purchase this title to keep those rights. Those rights will carry over until the release of our next full novel later this year. 

You can be both a "Short Story Rights-Holder" and a "Novel Rights-Holder", but they will remain two separate groups. Feel free to email us with any questions or to request a specific copy number of Lady Susan.

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